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"Lives" Remembered


The Hungerford Bridge "Skateboard Graveyard" is the nearest graveyard to the Undercroft skateboarding area. The Hungerford Bridge crosses the River Thames in London, and lies between Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge. The graveyard is situated on an area considered to be  a S.L.O.A.P (site left over after planning) used by skateboarders. It is on the nearest foundation platform to the Undercroft downstream.


This website is designed to commemorate the "lives" and "deaths" of the skateboards and is design to change and adapt as the graveyard does.


  • If you have recently suffered the loss of a skateboard please enter the details of your deceased skateboard here.


  • If you would like to write an obituary about your skateboard please enter the relevant details here.


Please right click on the picture below and 'save as' name the file 'your name' use a drawing package to draw on where your skateboard was place in the graveyard so that I can edit the picture to add your recent loss. Email the picture back to me.



Need a picture of the graveyard? Click here.





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