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Hungerford Bridge Graveyard Detail

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Please take the time to enter details below of the life of your skateboard. The details will be used to update the Hungerfordbridge Legend found on the front page. Be as accurate as possible so that we can get a full view of the life of your Skateboard.


Thank you for your time, may your Board rest in peace.


Front Page

Obituary Page 

Graveyard Photo


Name of Boarder
Date of Purchase Date of Death Manufacture Description of Demise
Jonah Blent 03/07/2008 21/04/2009 Flexdex The skateboard flew out from underneath me when i was trying to pull a Kick Flip and ran into the road next to the London Eye area. it ran under a truck and got crushed. I will miss you mate.
russell pennington  03/05/1998  04/20/2001  homemade  I had my skateboard stolen along with several guns by this Italian serial killer just before he committed his last crime. he said he could control the afterlife of an Egyptian Pharoah while flying through a timewarp the bridege created over the USA for the flatliners buried in the cemetary 






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