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Obituary details

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A Sign of Respect

This page enable you to put more detail into the life of your skateboard.                                  



Graveyard Details

Photo of graveyard


We realise that this is a troubling time for you. We have place a few pointers to help you write an obituary for your skateboard.  A skateboard obituary is a respectful way of showing how much you cared.


  • Write the full name of the deceased deck.


  • Write the manufacturer of the deck.


  • Write the date and place of death.


  • Write down when the funeral will take place and be sure to mention it is ath the Undercroft Graveyard.


  • Detail the main life events beginning with the date and place of purchase.


  • Include pertinent information relating to special tricks performed as well as special occassions.


  • Write down any involvement with community.


  • Include any major achievements.


  • Write down the names of those surviving including partners, parents and children. You can also mention previous and other decks that have been involved with your board.


  • Mention where flowers and contributions should be sent to and give the funeral coordinator name if relevant.


Please feel free to write your skateboard Obituaries below:


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